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Unfortunately, a wide nasal cavity syndrome due to reduction or resection of the inferior turbinate (and/or middle turbinate) is still frequently seen. In our opinion, it is a “nasal crime”.

Source: Functional Reconstructive Nasal Surgery, by Egbert H. Huizing & John De Groot, 2003, page 286.

Turbinate Reduction Risks and Side-Effects

This site was founded by Empty Nose Syndrome (ENS) sufferers in 2005, and is a leading source of information about ENS on the Internet. The primary goal of this website is to act as a center of information for ENS sufferers in the hope that this information empowers them to cope better with this problem.

ENS, we believe, is one of the most misunderstood, devastating, iatrogenic problems in American medicine today. We encourage all visitors to visit our forum, to share information about your symptoms and surgery. We hope this site helps to shed light on this silent, preventable problem. Among other features, this site includes:

  1. A thorough description of what ENS is and turbinate reduction surgery risks, which includes a list of symptoms, many scientific references and current suggested ways of coping.
  2. Tutorials about the nasal turbinates, nose and respiratory system.
  3. A forum where ENS Sufferers support each other and discuss treatments (including answers from Dr. Steven Houser of Cleveland, Ohio–the leading medical authority on ENS).
  4. Revealing testimonials.
  5. A half-hour audiotape by Dr. Eugene Kern, who coined the term “empty nose syndrome”.
  6. NEWS, including a clinical registry of ENS patients with the recently formed US Institute For Advanced Sinus Care and Research by Dr. Subinoy Das.

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