About The Empty Nose Syndrome Community

Empty Nose Syndrome is a devastating condition that is brought about from careless surgeries that cut out vital organs inside the nose, namely the turbinates, in an effort to cure other ailments related to the nose. This website was created to help increase awareness for this devastating condition and to help prevent patients from going through over-aggressive nasal surgeries, and to help find a cure for those who have already been affected by it.

Disclosure Statement

All revenue generated by advertisements or affiliate links goes directly to ENS awareness, support, and working toward a cure.

Contact Us

email: EmptyNoseSyndromeOrg [at] gmail [dot] com

The Mission of EmptyNoseSyndrome.org

1.To act as a center of information for ENS sufferers in the hope that this information empowers them to cope better with this problem.
2.To increase the awareness of the ENT community of the devastating impact that ENS can have on the patients’ quality of life, stressing the desperate need to invest into research for better treatments and cures.

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