What Is Causing Your Sinus Infection?

Sinus infections are known to strike more than 40 million people in the USA every year. The cause of a sinus infection can be many and it’s essential to understand the root, so that you are able to tackle the problem and reduce its future frequency of occurrence and get rid of it slowly. If you often suffer from this untold misery, you will find this information useful, in understanding the cause of your recurring sinus infection, which can lead to a chronic condition.

Sinus infection, we all know is caused due to a blockage in the nasal passage which leads to the sinuses. This leads to a build up of gunk, germs start growing and the suffering starts soon.

Pollutants in the Air:

Pollutants and allergens present in the air, which includes strong perfume odors, dust and outdoor air pollution can cause nose irritation, coughing, inflammation, and sinus infection. If you suffer from regular sinus related problems, you need to avoid all such irritants as much as possible. You can also buy an air purifier which will help in reducing the air pollutants.

Bacteria Is a Leading Cause:

Do you suffer from cold for more than 10 days? Bacteria must be present in your body and is often the cause of complicated sinus infections. Bacteria are dangerous and quietly wait for the perfect condition to grow and multiply. You need to take a decongestant, when it is too cold. It will help in avoiding the situation. However, in case you still develop a bacterial sinusitis, your Doctor will prescribe antibiotics.

Nasal Polyps:

These are benign small growths which usually develop from sinus tissues and block the sinus cavities. Thus mucus is not able to drain and it slowly leads to conditions of sinus infection. Germs develop, which cause restriction in the airway passages. This leads to sinus related headache which is the most difficult to tackle. If you notice decreasing sense of smell and regular sinusitis infections, you might be suffering from nasal polyps. This can be treated with nasal steroid sprays and other medications.


Sinus infections usually begin with a bad cold and we all know that colds are generally caused by a virus. The nasal tissue swells and blocks the holes which drain sinuses. If the infection is caused due to a virus, antibiotics will not be of any help, as the drugs shall kill the bacteria only. Symptoms usually start getting better after a week. Using decongestants is also helpful, but they shouldn’t be used for more than 5 days or you might start getting dependent on them. The best option is to stay safe, get a flu shot, maintain good hygiene and try to stay away from people who are suffering from cold.

Flying Too Often? This Might Be A Reason:

You might be travelling a lot – either for pleasure or for work, but amidst all this, you will be aggravating your sinus. Air pressure is low in a flight and this leads to pressure build-up in the head. This tends to block the air passage and increases the cold systems. Many people face a lot of problems during landing as well as takeoff. If you need to travel necessarily, you should always carry a decongestant nasal drop or an inhaler. This shall help in keeping the sinus clear.


Just like air pollutants, smoking can also irritate your nose and cause inflammation. This shall make you susceptible to infections and other nasal problems. People who smoke are at a higher risk of sinus infections since their sinus cleaning system is usually damaged due to the smoke of cigarette. Thus, there is accumulation of junk in the sinus which clogs the passage.

These were some of the most common causes of sinus infections. You need to identify, what type of situation is causing your infection, which will help you in overcoming the problem.

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