Survival Tips

***ENS Survival Tips and Disclaimer***

The tips reported here are a collection of friendly tips and advice, written by ENS patients. They reflect the personal opinions of various ENS patients who wish to share information about therapies and medications, both conventional and non-conventional, and medical and spiritual interventions, which they believe to be beneficial in alleviating symptoms of ENS.

Theses tips are not written by doctors or scientists, and have not been subjected to any scientific examination or medical approval.

The tips, advice, and information given here, like the rest of this website, cannot and should not supplement or substitute any form of consultation with a certified medical doctor, and should not be used as grounds for accepting or declining any form of therapy or intervention.

The owner of this domain, as well as the creators and operators of this website, cannot be held responsible for the actions of individuals who take the advice posted on the ENS Survival Tips page, or any subsequent damage caused by those actions.

Many treatments for ENS can also effectively treat sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and postnasal drip. Many of these treatments are important for general nasal health rather than specifically for ENS, and many are particularly beneficial for ENS sufferers who also have allergy or sinusitis issues. Consequently, some might seem more applicable to ENS sufferers without any additional conditions than others.  Tips for managing ENS center around irrigation, moisturizing a dry nose, vitamins and supplements, and dietary considerations.  These techniques are non-surgical, and mainly natural remedies that are not intended to cure ENS, but might help you cope better.  This is particularly applicable and true for people who suffer from not only ENS, but have concomitant problems of sinusitis, allergies or asthma as well. We need to take care of all conditions we might have, as we are only as strong as our weakest link. Since many ENS sufferers suffer from other conditions as well, these treatments are useful for overall healing.  

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